Making Decisions that are Right for You

The following questions can help you become clear about your own thoughts and feelings regarding pregnancy. They have been adapted from a pamphlet written by Terry Beresford (© 2001 National Abortion Federation).

How do you feel about being pregnant?

Perhaps you planned to get pregnant, in which case you’re probably excited about the news. However, if the pregnancy is unintended, it is common to feel mixed or conflicting feelings. Take some time to write down all the different feelings you are experiencing.

What are your plans and dreams?

  • What are two or three things that matter most to you in your life right now?
  • What are two or three things that you hope to have or achieve in the next 5 – 10 years?
    • In order to have or achieve those things,
    • How would becoming a parent help?
    • How would adoption help?
    • How would abortion help?
  • What would you have to lose or give up right now,
    • If you became a parent?
    • If you arrange for an adoption?
    • If you have an abortion?
  • What would you lose or give up in the next 5 – 10 years,
    • If you become a parent?
    • If you arrange or an adoption?
    • If you have an abortion?
  • How much money would it cost you,
    • To become a parent?
    • To arrange for an adoption?
    • To have an abortion?
  • How would other people who matter to you (such as your partner, parents, friends) react,
    • If you become a parent?
    • If you arrange an adoption?
    • If you have an abortion?

What resources/supports do you have?

Coping with pregnancy – intended or unintended – and making choices that feel good can be very challenging. Take some time to think about the resources that are available for support. Consider your emotional needs and think about people in your life who will listen and talk things through with you. Maybe it’s a partner, a friend, a family member, a counselor, a social worker, or a health care professional. Think about your material resources such as housing, employment benefits, income, transportation, etc.

Here is a list of community resources in HRM:

Halifax Sexual Health Centre - 455-9656 Ext. 0
Pregnancy options counselling, referrals for pre-natal care, adoption, and abortions.

Department of Community Services - 425-5420
Assistance with adoption and parenting

Public Health - 481-5868
Pre-natal classes

Single Parent Centre - 479-3031
Support for pregnancy (pre-natal classes, doula program) and parenting

Home of the Guardian Angel - 422-7964
Adoption services, support for pregnancy, parenting, and more