Partners & Supporters

HSHC receives funding from a variety of sources. Some contribute to our day-to-day operations while others provide grants for special projects.

Medical Services Insurance (MSI)

Our doctors donate a portion of their MSI billings for patients seen and services performed at the clinic.

Private Donors

We would not be able to provide all the services we do if it were not for the generous donations we receive. Learn more about how you canmake a donation.

Department of Health & Wellness

The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness supports HSHC in two different ways: by funding the Anonymous HIV Testing program and by granting money to Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS), which in turn distributes a portion to its member organizations including HSHC.

Department of Community Services

The Nova Scotia Department of Community Services supports HSHC each year to help offset operational costs which in turn permits us to assist a number of the department's clients.

IWK Health Centre

The IWK has generously supported HSHC for the development and delivery of a new program titled "Let's Talk About Sex and Healthy Relationships" as part of our Community Education program.

The Plum Foundation

Located in Southern California, The Plum Foundation has been quite generous to HSHC over the years assisting with operational funding, community education, and the purchase of computers and printers.

Community Health Boards