Sex Without Consent

Any form of sexual activity that has been forced by one person upon another without consent is sexual assault. Sexual assault can happen between people of the same or other genders. It includes any unwanted act of a sexual nature such as kissing, fondling, oral sex, intercourse or other forms of penetration, either vaginal or anal.



You should never have to explain your reasons for saying “no”, but if your partner is pressuring you to have sex, here are some ideas for responses you can give:

“If you loved me, you’d have sex with me”

If you loved ME, you wouldn’t pressure me.

“Everybody’s doing it”

Great! Then you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to do it with!

“If you don’t, I’ll find someone who will”

Okay, go ahead. I don’t want to be with someone who only wants me for sex.


Sometimes it is helpful to talk to a trusted adult, such as your parents or guidance counselor, about the decision.

For more information, we highly recommend that you contact the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre. They provide services for those affected by sexual violence, with primary emphasis on support, education, counselling and leadership/advocacy services for women. Their website can be found at and to speak directly with a staff member, please call (902) 422-4240.