Workshops, Health Fairs, Consultations, and Presentations

Classroom Workshops

We tailor our workshops to our audience and their grade level. We can work with any grade level and customize workshops to address specific issues that you may be dealing with at your school or topics that teachers may feel unprepared to address. Our workshops are interactive and involve demos of sexual health items, such as condoms and dental dams. We encourage all kinds of questions, and will always bring an anonymous question box. There is nothing that shocks our Educator!

Our most requested topics for junior high and high school audiences are basic sex education and consent. In these talks, we discuss sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, abortion access and barrier methods. Depending on time given, we love add on other topics, like consent and healthy relationships! We approach these topics with a judgment-free approach. Our goal is to educate, inform, and empower youth to make healthy sexual decisions, not to scare them. We also aim to inform youth on how to access sexual and reproductive health services safely.

Professional Development

We are committed to providing professionals, health providers, university programs, and organizations with sessions that cover issues of sexual and reproductive health, gender variance, as well as areas unique to each work environment. The length and audience of the session will determine the topics that will be covered.

Classroom workshops and professional development sessions are designed to meet the needs of the group and may include some of the following areas:

Basic Sex Education Sexual and Reproductive Health Update for Health Professionals
Advanced Sex Education Abortion Access and Reproductive Rights
Consent HSHC – Our Services
Trans Healthcare Update for Health Professionals 2SLGBTQIA Cultural Competency
Inclusive Office/Clinical Spaces 2SLGBTQIA+ 101
Queer and Trans Specific Sex Education 2SLGBTQIA+ 101 for Health Professionals

We use a judgment-free approach to all of our education programming. We like to believe that it’s okay to wrong – as long as you’re committed to learning. We do not assume any level of knowledge for any group, and encourage questions that may seem “too basic.” We do not want to shame anyone for what they do or don’t know. Our presentations and interactive activities aim to provide up to date, accurate information and knowledge that be directly translated into the office, classroom, or exam room.


HSHC is open to providing health care providers, community organizations, and businesses with resource navigation, information, and strategies regarding sexual, reproductive, and gender affirming health and creating safer clinical and office spaces. We can help with assessing clinical processes and paperwork, policy reviews and development, or review materials.

Health Fairs

We love tabling at your events and fairs! We bring a poster board, free resources to give out, free safer sex supplies, and demos for barrier methods, birth control, and testing equipment! We’re happy to answer questions about HSHC, our services, and sexual health.

All services and workshops are priced on a sliding scale, depending on the work and the resources of the organization/school.

For more information, or to book a workshop, please email our Health Promotion Coordinator Abbey Ferguson at with the following information:

1: Possible date & time of workshop
2: How much time for each workshop?
3: How many attendees?
4: Grade level or details of group for professional development
5: What type of workshop are you looking for? See above for some options, or feel free to ask for a custom topic!
7: Location of your school or group
8: Will we have access to a whiteboard or a projector?

We are absolutely willing to rework presentations and workshops into a Zoom/online format during the Covid-19 pandemic!