Morning-After Pills

Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)

For more information on how emergency contraception works, its effectiveness and a run-down of its pros and cons, please [click here]


You can just stop by the clinic and tell the receptionist that you need ECP, or you can call ahead and make an appointment. Your partner, friend, or a family member can pick up and purchase the ECP (Plan B®) at our centre for the person who needs it. However, ECP (Plan B®) is also available without a prescription in Nova Scotia pharmacies, and most pharmacists will give it to a partner. It is more expensive at the pharmacy than it is at our clinic, but sometimes the pharmacy may be more convenient for you.

We have emergency contraception options for you:

Plan B®

Plan B® is a medication that is made specifically for the purpose of emergency contraception. It has only one hormone in it – Progestin. The good thing about Plan B® is that it is less likely to make you feel sick to your stomach than the option described above. With Plan B®, you will be given a package that contains two pills. You can take both pills together, or you can take one pill right away, and the other pill 12 hours later. If you vomit after taking the medication, please call one of our nurses or a pharmacist. You may have vomited out the medication, which means you would not be protected against pregnancy.