We offer a wide-range of on-site clinical services, typically by appointment (see About Us). All services are provided by our experienced nurses and doctors.

Some things you should know about us:

  • Our clinical services are free to Nova Scotians with a valid health card. They are also free to Canadians from other provinces with valid health cards. However, please note that Quebec health card holders have to pay for their visit upfront and then submit their receipts to their provincial health care system for reimbursement. If you are not Canadian, fees will apply.
  • We are youth-friendly and we do not require parental consent
  • Nova Scotia’s health insurance program (MSI) requires us to indicate the biological sex (Male or Female) of our clients. We understand that an individual’s gender identity may not be the same as their biological sex or that their biological sex may be a mixture of male and female characteristics. However, we do ask that clients let us know which sex (M or F) is listed on their health card for billing purposes. We can make a note on a client’s file to clarify which gender they identify with.
  • Everything that happens in our clinic is totally confidential (Please note: There are a few exceptions to this such as our legal obligation to report known cases of child abuse to police and to report positive tests for certain sexually transmitted infections to Public Health. If you have any questions or concerns about these exceptions, please talk to one of our health care practitioners)
  • Our office is wheelchair-accessible
  • Our office is scent-free
  • We accept payment (e.g. for birth control) by cash or debit. We do not accept private health plans (e.g. Blue Cross). Therefore, if you are covered by private health insurance, it may be cheaper for you to buy your birth control at the pharmacy.